Postdoctoral fellowship studying the lipidomics of peripheral arterial disease in the setting of diabetes

The Zayed Laboratory at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is seeking a highly qualified postdoctoral scholar interested in atherosclerosis and lipid biochemistry. We currently evaluate the effect of lipid synthesis in the development of new blood vessels as well as atherogenesis. Qualified candidates must have an MD or PhD and experience with mouse surgical models, complex murine breeding, molecular biology techniques (PCR, RT-PCR, gene sequencing, etc), cell biology skills (tissue culture, Western blotting, cloning, FACS, etc), and biochemistry (protein purification, liquid chromatography, metabolic labeling, mass spectrometry, etc). The candidate should have exceptional independence, creativity, motivation and writing skills. Those interested should submit a CV and one-page letter describing their qualities and why they would like to join our group. Please submit applications to Theresa Belgeri (