A new way to remove blood clots from veins

Supported by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) through a collaboration with Caeli Vascular, Inc. and the MEDInstitute, we are developing a novel endoluminal device that synergies the use of chemical, mechanical and suction thrombectomy.

Arterial and venous access for novel transplant technology

Supported by the Barnes-Jewish Foundation and Washington University School of Medicine Department of Surgery, we are engineering a novel for in vivo transplantation of pancreatic islets to help treat diabetes and avoid allograft rejection.

An easy-to-use airway protection platform to prevent aerosolization

Supported by the Skandalaris Center and Leadership and Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (LEAP).

Project Personnel

John Cashin
Senior Research Technician

Vivian Lee
Research Technician

Halle Lowe
Senior Research Technician

Vinay Chandraselaran
Lab Assistant

Bhumika Gupta
Predoctoral Trainee