Lab Members

Mohamed ZayedPrincipal Investigator:
Mohamed Zayed, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Washington University School of Medicine,
Director, Vascular Surgery Biobank
Administrative Staff:

Theresa BelgeriTheresa Belgeri
Administrative Assistant

Responsible for coordinating meetings and compiling weekly surgery schedules for the Biobank, assisting with abstract submissions and poster presentations.

Research Staff: 

Larisa BelaygorodLarisa Belaygorod
Research Assistant
Experience: 19 years




Expertise in molecular biology methodic, work with mice and more.

Malik DarwechMalik Darwech
Research Technician
Experience: 2 years




Working towards characterization of fatty acid synthase in vascular disease.

Kshitij (Kash) Desai Kshitij (Kash) Desai
Third-year medical student
Washington University School of Medicine



Research focus on characterizing lipid changes in the setting of diabetes and improving surgical and medical therapies. 

Gayan De SilvaGayan De Silva, MD
General Surgery Resident
Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Section of Vascular Surgery



Research focus on relationship between fatty acid synthase and progression of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in diabetic patients.

Xiaohua JinXiaohua Jin
Staff Scientist





Explores role of CPT-1 in endothelial cell function. 

Khalid SaffafKhalid Saffaf
Student Researcher




Explores novel methods to assess perfusion in diabetic patients with severe peripheral artery disease. 

Omar SaffarOmar Saffaf
Student Researcher




Explores novel treatment options for diabetic patients with severe PAD. 

Chao YangChao Yang
Post-doctoral Research Fellow




Studies lipidomic of diseased arterial segments in humans with diabetes and PAD.

Alex WirtzAlex Wirtz
Research Assistant




Research focus on novel AV grafts.

Alex LeeAlex Lee
Research Engineer




Research focus on novel AV grafts.

Dillon WilliamsDillon Williams
Research Engineer




Research focus on novel AV grafts.

 Clinical Staff and Coordinators:

Kathy DoddsKathy Dodds, Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator
Experience: 20 years




Has extensive experience as a research coordinator at Washington University.

Ronnie EugeaRonnie Eugea
Registered Medical Assistant
Experience: 3 years




Consents biobank patients, obtains OR specimens, processes specimens.

Courtney PorterCourtney Porter
ANP | Research Coordinator
Experience: 10 years




Over 10 years experience as adult nurse practitioner and research coordinator for the Section of Vascular Surgery.

Former Lab Members:
Michael Bao
Vascular Surgery BioBank
Katherin Leckie
Role of AngioVac Suction Device
Raghay Julakanti
Expression of CEPT1 in Plaque
Uzma Naim
CEPT1 Expression in Diabetic Arterial Tissue
John Hornick
Call to Identify Risk Factors for Readmission
Mohamed Kuziez
Type II Endoleaks following EVAR

Kyoung Mi Park, MS
Mechanism of Peripheral Arterial Disease Progression in Diabetes

Susie Grathwohl
Role of Phospholipogenesis

Susie Grathwohl